The amount of positive feedback, both in the comments and in personal emails, has been overwhelming. The do-it-yourself topic appears to be widely appreciated and draws a myriad of readers.

When speaking with peers, they commented that all of the posts were up-to-date and incorporated ideas that tend to be trending. Readers enjoyed the mix between crafting, foodie, and beauty tutorials and found the photographs beneficial. Its so rewarding to hear that viewers are taking these ideas and using them themselves. The step by step process in tandem with progressive photos was one detail that was given high regard. It was also expressed that displaying the prices encouraged people to part take in the activities.

Judging by the traffic numbers, the views sky rocket on days in which posts go up. On days where posts have not been made, the number of visitors to the site tends to decline. Since the tutorials draw more of an audience, keeping on top of this will be a must. According to polls, people do what to see more and are liking what they are seeing. Twitter has been helpful in that it allows followers to know in advance when a new topic is going to be be posted so they can keep an eye out.

The main criticism I have received is that the titles of posts, while charming and intriguing, are not something that is going to be easily searchable. It will be more difficult to navigate to the site if the title does not contain popular wording. Another element that viewers commented on was that they would like to see more linking.

Comments? More feedback? I would love to hear it!


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