Nail Polish!

Nail art has become one of the peaking trends in fashion. Stars like Zooey Deschanel have made this art form quite popular. Deschanel arrived to the Oscars sporting little tuxedos on her fingers and received endless attention from the media. This along with many other festive designs for holidays can be seen just about everywhere.

However, getting your nails done is not the cheapest of thrills. Kim & Co. Salon in downtown San Luis Obispo charges $25 just for basic polish, add a fancy design to the mix and you are looking more along the lines of $40.

Karin Choi of Nails Town in San Luis Obispo said that people are constantly getting designs. “For parties and graduation people enjoy looking special. We can add flowers or designs, but it does cost extra” Choi stated.

But getting the look at home is much more cost efficient and quite simple. Felicity Neher, a nail art enthusiast from Simi Valley explained that doing your nails at home is much cheaper. “Nail polish is like $5-7 a bottle. Youtube is where I get most of my inspiration,” explained Neher.

Mallika Mehrotta, a Cal Poly student shared what manicuring styles she has witnessed recently. “I’ve seen the different layers a lot and colored french tips. The marble effect is another one that seems to be pretty popular right now” said Mehrotta.

So how exactly can you emulate these looks? The tutorial begins now.



– Nail polish colors of choice (Anywhere from 2-3 colors) You can find relatively good deals at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart or Sally Beauty Supply

– Tape (Scotch tape works best)

– Sparkle/glitter color (optional) My personal favorite is from Icing

– Clear Coat (optional)

How To Get The Look:

  1. Paint your nails using your first color choice. Do this as you normally would. You do not need a clear coat. Allow the nails to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  2. When nails are completely dry, tape off the desired section. Be creative, use a variety of line directions. Another way to assort your shapes is by using varying sizes of the different colors. Mixing horizontal and vertical lines will give your nails a more color-blocked effect. Be sure the tape is pressed down firmly on the edges so paint can not leak underneath. 
  3. Paint in the exposed section of the nail. Use the tape as a guideline and be sure to maintain gentle strokes. Allow the polish to dry slightly before removing the tape. This lessens the likelihood of smudging or smearing. 
  4. Once you have completed both hands, allow the polish to dry further. If the polish is still tacky, it could potentially ruin the look. 
  5. 05. If you are using three colors, repeat steps 2-4 with your third color.

06. A fun way to add even more pizzaz to the look is to go over one of the colors with a sparkle or glitter layer. This step is optional, if glitter is not your taste or if you are happy with your use of color, you can skip this step.

07. To keep your polish in tact longer, use a clear coat finish.Not only will this protect your nail color, but it will add a gloss to your final look. Yet again, this step is optional. If you do not have or wish to use clear coat, you can skip this step.

And There You Have It! 


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