Home Stretch

Well, the quarter is quickly coming to a conclusion. Creating and maintaining this blog has been quite the journey. I have received such positive feedback from both viewers and peers.

When communicating with classmates, the main response I heard was that the topic was captivating, trendy and interesting. Having such a trending topic benefited greatly it the amount of traffic the blog obtained.It was often compared to Pinterest, but many said that it was easier to navigate rather than having to click through links to find the instructions.

“Your blog was helpful and quirky and allows for easy step by step instructions for the reader to do homemade seasonal crafts,” said Zoe Michelson

Peers also appreciated that the photographs used were helpful in instruction and highly relative to the topic. The main criticism I received was in regards to the layout.”I dont like how the pictures are stuck places. If they fit together more cohesively, it would be easier to see. But its wordpress’s layout, its kinda out of your hands,” commented Rachelle Boudoin.

In order to keep this blog going outside of the class and outside of the quarter, there are a few steps that need to be taken. Readers gave feedback in regards to what they would like to see more of. In order to keep views high, this feedback would become routine.

It could potentially become financially viable if it were to be converted to a site with sponsers or advertisers. The number of views and hits that have been received could easily generate enough clicks for it to be profitable. Additionally, this blog has been professionally beneficial. Many companies are hiring interns and employees to run the public relations segment of their companies. These workers are responsible for updating and maintaining the company’s website.

Clearly taking the online journalism course has been of great benefit both for educational experience, but has opened many gates for financial and professional opportunites.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive this quarter. Having advocates has made this process quite encouraging and enjoyable.


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